History and Culture in Spain

The Moorish influence was way back when they ruled parts of Andalucia from the early 8th to late 15th centuries, that is an impressive 800 years of history. Their legacy, especially in terms of what we can see today, was considerable, with two of the region’s most important monuments, the Alhambra in Granada and the Mezquita of Cordoba…..Click Here to read more!




Mankind started getting together in tribes of like minded people and the effect of this was to make more ideas come along, a form of cross pollination. As these ideas started to flow, design was getting bigger and bigger and more complex. Beliefs of the spirit world, gave the people the idea to make wonderful designs on their own bodies and it happened in every corner of the world where people could be found. Some were more advanced than others, I would imagine due to the fact of interaction with other tribes, or isolation to a degree. Today it is estimated there are 150 million individual tribes worldwide, making around 40% of indigenous individuals, with each of those having its own design and culture….Click here to discover more!


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